landrover1The land rover. This toy for the big boys is such a supercharged ride. We cannot think of owning another car than this. Through the years and after many processes of performance and appearance enhancements, we have become so passionate about our own land rovers that we constantly dig the market for any news about it. We understand how you, too, can get obsessive with the vehicle. That’s why we came up with this blog. This is a testament for our love to our car.

Just what this blog contains? Well, it is a collection of updates, tips, guidelines – anything and everything about land rovers, including news and history. You will enjoy perusing this blog if you are like us, not stopping on just how your rover looks and performs at present time.

We also have inside reports on land rover clubs in the region. If you want to connect with people who have the same penchant for the land rover – from the very old ones to the current models – this is also the place to linger. We always get together not just for car shows but also for some pure fun. You will get updates on who from the club is celebrating what and where so you could drop by along with your iconic automobile.

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