Emergency Evacuation 101: What You Need to Know to Protect Yourself

What’s good about being a pessimist, once in a while at least, is that you are prepared for virtually anything that would come your way. For instance, no one in their right mind is hoping that their office or home would get caught in a fire but fire maintenance Sydney is one of the most important things to have.

It is true that, nowadays, emergency response teams are pretty quick on their feet. They will come a few minutes after they are called. But you do not want to rely on just that. So here are some of the most essential equipment you should have at home or at work.

Smoke Detectors

Fire protection equipment would immediately notify you if a fire is starting so that you can deal with it while it is still minor. You could install this with fire sprinklers as well so you would not have to rush to the source in a panic.

If you work in a fume-laden or very dusty environment, experts agree that heat detectors would be a better alternative.

Fire Alarm

Emergency escapeSmoke detectors and fire sprinklers as fire maintenance Sydney in homes might be enough to warn you about this emergency situation. But at the work place, especially in buildings with complex structures, a fire alarm sounder would be more helpful.

Fire Extinguishers

To contain small fires, you will need portable fire extinguishers which are strategically positioned in your home or at work. Since fires are not a common occurrence, these kinds of equipment tend to expire before it is used. So make sure that you label it properly so that you can replace it as needed.

Remember that all equipment mentioned above would be absolutely useless if you do not go through regular fire maintenance checks to ensure that it is in working condition.

Escape Routes

Small fires can be handled if it was detected early. But fires are likely to spread really quickly. Once it does, all those tools listed would be rendered futile. This is the reason why you and everyone in your home or office should know how to leave the dangerous scene without getting hurt.

Yes, those framed escape routes you see in buildings are part of fire maintenance Sydney that is planned well. This is one of the first things you should check out when you’re new in a building. That’s being too foreboding for some but, as mentioned, it’s always better to be on the safe side.

Situations like fire can be daunting and destructive, getting ready and understanding the need of fire inspection and maintenance can make a difference, consult http://www.alconexfire.com.au/.

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