A Closer Look at Laser Cataract Surgery in Sydney

Are you suffering from an eye condition called cataract? If you are, you might be a good candidate for a laser eye cataract surgery however before going to any laser cataracts Sydney; you should take a closer look at this procedure to know if the procedure is appropriate to address your cataract concern.cataract2

If your cataract gets worse and it cannot be corrected by wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses, then a cataract surgery may be required. Simple or conventional cataract surgery removes naturally the cloudy lens and replaces it with artificial lens. It is usually done on outpatient basis and considered safe and very effective. However, many cataract surgery Sydney are now using laser technology approach in performing cataract surgery. The procedure is with more accuracy that results to self-sealing incision and produces reduced risks of infections. Laser works by softening the cataract as it breaks into smaller pieces. This process allows lesser energy or heat to remove the cataract and allows less chance of burning or distorting the incision. Laser cataract Sydney that uses laser technology in correcting cataract gives advantage of better lens replacement and more accurate vision outcomes.

There are now many variations of laser – assisted cataract surgeries. Most of them are dependent on the type and model of laser device used. Most of these laser devices use femtosecond laser system that uses laser that omits optical pulses with a duration way below one ultrashort pulse or ps. The role of femtosecond is to assist or replaces the three aspects of conventional or manual cataract surgery. These include fragmentation or breaking the lens, creating incision on cornea plate and creating circular incision on the affected eye.  Laser cataract surgery in Sydney are currently using 4 available femtosecond laser technology platform and a laser cataract Sydney is using either  Lensar, Catalys, Victus or Lensx femtosecond laser system.

Laser cataract surgery in Sydney cost is generally higher compared to conventional or manual cataract surgery. The additional cost is due to high cost of laser device and its maintenance. In addition, only a well-trained eye surgeon can perform laser cataract surgery.  While laser cataract surgery has good promises and advantages, cataract correction Sydney holds that manual or conventional cataract surgery still works and is safe and very effective. People who cannot afford laser cataract surgery can still manage to get better vision through manual cataract surgery.

Laser cataract surgery in Sydney is now fast becoming a popular cataract correction option. This is because people are confident with its good promises and that this new approach in cataract correction would give them the best possible vision.

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