Keeping a Comfortable Long Distance Driving Session

long driveIf you are out on a trip or going cross-country, sitting and driving in your car for hours is inevitable. You are going to likely feel some butt pain and abdominal strain in the long run. A rough road and an off road environment will only make things worse. The only thing you can do is to make your vehicle as comfortable as possible.

There are a lot of ways to keep your long distance travel as comfortable as possible. Expensive cars are built with AMG suspension systems that are the preferred suspension systems by a lot of drivers. It is comfortable, stable and absorbs a lot of shock from the road. Even with a cracked and old road, you are not going to have even the smallest bumps and jumps.

If your car is not built with an amazing suspension system, you can always upgrade without spending too much money. Changing the shock absorber is one way to convert to a smooth driving experience. Though looking for the right absorbers for your car is going to be a tricky task. If you have a truck then you are going to want to have more resisting absorbers, if you have an auto then a pair of weaker absorbers is more fitting. The type of absorbers will depend on the weight of the vehicle. Having a pair of very weak absorbers for a truck will make the experience too shaky. Having very strong absorbers for an auto will serve useless. Another choice for many is upgrading to a coil over, a special form of absorber inserted into a spring. This is quite more expensive than an average absorber but has an all-around performance improvement. The special absorber will absorb most of the shock while the spring prevents the over exaggeration of the absorber making it less shaky.

There is more to comfortable driving than steady vehicles, like furniture and driving position. The chair you are going to sit in for hours will determine how long your buttocks can last. Long hours of sitting in a hard furniture will prove uncomfortable. Replacing the driver’s chair is likely not a viable option but using a comforter is. A small thick soft pillow will do, don’t use sleeping pillows because they are extremely large. They will only be comfortable at the start and will later prove an annoyance to the travel.

Make sure that you are well seated in your car when driving. Remember that you can adjust your seat position, and you don’t have to sit on the same position for a long time. Move from time to time, changing from one position to another. This way you don’t strain out much of your side and abdominal muscles. Sometimes your back gets tired, don’t hesitate to lean on your door or slouch a little bit on your chair. Travelling is not going to be comfortable especially if it’s a very long trip, but the only you can do is make the best of it.

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