These 3 Things Will Tell You If You Need a Roof Repair

With more Australians staying at home due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, lockdowns seem to have an interesting effect on the economy – the rise of home renovations. Whether it’s a new paint job or repair projects on roofing in Sydney, Melbourne, and other major cities and suburban areas, people are spending their money on their dwellings. In a report from The Sydney Morning Herald, Australians are spending over AU$1 billion a month on home renovations. The data coming from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show a significant rise in renovation expenses in 2020 and peaking to $1.14 billion in March 2021.

One major part of home renovations today involves roof replacements. Whether its tiles or steel sheets, roofs ensure that every Australian home is safe and secure. They protect the family from extreme weather events like storms or heat waves. They last for a long time but inspections are needed every 3-5 years. But when do we know that our roofs need to be renovated? Here are some things to look out for.

Consider roof age

Renovations for roofing in Sydney are not usually needed in the first 10-20 years of installation especially if the materials used are of good quality. However, if your roof is around 30 years old, it will start to show significant wear and tear. Doing a major inspection is important at this point and renovations are most likely needed.

Roof leaks and holes

Roof age may not sometimes be a reason for a renovation. A leaking roof is enough to call for repair. Leaks usually manifest after heavy rainfall or long days of continuous rain. If your roof is old and made of steel, check for rusted areas in roof corners and gutters. Check for leaves that clog the gutter. Have a professional team inspect if there are dents or cracks on your roof. Also, inspect your ceiling for water stains as these may come from a leak in your roof.

Unusual roof changes

If your roof is made of tiles or shingles, a more thorough inspection might be needed. If you find unusual crumbles or scattered broken shingles around your lot, it is a sign of roof damage. Curling around the corners of your shingles as well as the presence of mold is sure signs that a repair is due sooner than later. Finally, check for structural deformation. A depression in your roof means it has structural issues and may collapse soon. At this point do not hesitate to have a professional who does roofing in Sydney to handle this problem.

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