What Makes an Equipment Rental Company Right for Your Needs?

Because of the demand for it, there are numerous companies offering equipment rental these days – specifically EWPs or Elevated Work Platforms. If you have a construction or renovation project, it wouldn’t be so hard to find boom lift hire Sydney. But, which of these companies should you go for?

Below are some factors that make an equipment rental company a great choice for most construction needs.

Wide range of EWP equipmentConstruction Equipment Rental

In the world of engineering and construction, there is no such thing as ‘one equipment suits all’ when it comes to different tasks. Sure, an elevated work platform works to raise workers, their tools and other materials from the ground to a higher ground. But, that doesn’t mean that a cherry picker does the exact same job as a boom lift.

Different kinds of EWP equipment

In relation to the first consideration, it would be nice to go for an equipment rental company that has several kinds of each EWPs they are offering. Yes, there is more than one.

For instance, there are diesel run and electric vertical or scissor lifts for personnel. There are several cherry pickers measuring less than 11 meters and even more that are over 11 meters.

Since you are given more options, you can choose what among those will be most beneficial and cost-effective for whatever your construction requires.

24/7 Support system

Other companies would just deliver the equipment to your construction site, let you use it for the number of days or weeks you talked about, and then get it once you’re done. Good boom lift hire Sydney companies will make sure that the equipment works well and is being used correctly by offering this service.

Go for the one that can bring the equipment to you any time of the day, in case of emergencies. Go for the one who will answer the phone (even late at night) when something goes wrong and will send people to the site as soon as possible.

On-site inspection

A lot of these companies offer a free quote on their sites. But, that’s helpful to a certain degree only. It would be better if the boom lift hire Sydney would offer you a free site inspection, no risk whatsoever involved. This way, they can give you a realistic quote based on what they see and you can allocate an accurate (or somewhere close, at least) budget for it.

In any construction or renovation, equipments and machineries are essential. When you need to rent one or two, hire the services of http://universalmobiletowerhire.com.au/.

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