Hiring a Car for Visit to Helsinki, Finland

Finland , located in the Northern Europe is one of the coldest countries in the world, but has some of the most high tech companies in the world have been based in these countries. Though public transportation systems like train or bus are available, these may not be very suitable for the first time visitor to Helsinki, since he or she may not be familiar with the language spoken and also the different train and bus routes.

landroverfinlandFor a person who will visit Finland, Car Hire, Car Rental Helsinki information can be obtained online or offline. While planning the visit to Finland he or she can check the websites of the different car rental firms, and check their charges, terms and conditions. The visitor should also be familiar with the traffic rules and regulations, if he or she prefers to hire a car and drive himself. Hiring a vehicle with a driver may be more expensive, but this is a better option for a visitor to Finland who is not familiar with the topography of the city and traffic rules. A busy person may prefer a chauffeur driven car as the time spent driving the car can be better utilized to catch up on other work like checking and replying to emails, reading

Offline most hotels have tour operators and car rental firms affiliated with them, and can arrange for cars on rent for their customers as needed. The advantages of using theseĀ  car rental Helsinki firms is that they may be more reliable as the hotel can be contacted in case of any problem. At times car hire is part of the tour package booked as part of the visit Finland deal. Most car rental agencies charge a fixed amount per day per car, which allows their customer to use the car for a specified number of hours per day. The charges depend on a number of factors like the car model number, features, whether air conditioning is provided or not. If the car is used for a longer time than specified, an additional hourly charge or per kilometer charge has to be paid by the customer.

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